Monday, April 18, 2011

Kristina Maria - Let's Play [Music Video!]

Kristina Maria is a lebanese/canadian singer-songwriter . Kristina is getting ready to drop her debut album later this year and she drop out already the first single from it called 'Let's Play' on iTunes . So go grab your copy .

Brothers & Sisters Season 5 Episode 19 [TV Show To Watch!]

Brothers & Sisters focuses on the lives of the multi-generational Walker family. After the death of the family's patriarch, William Walker (recurring guest star Tom Skerritt), each of the Walker family children along with the family matriarch, Nora Walker (Sally Field), must come together as they navigate the bumpy road that lies ahead. The show is in its 5th season no words if the show will be back next year or not still waiting . Brothers & Sisters airs every Sunday night on ABC .

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 18 [TV Show To Watch!]

Narrated by the late Mary Alice Young, Desperate Housewives takes viewers inside Wisteria Lane, a small section of suburban America that's anything but ordinary. This primetime soap delves deep into the lives of a circle of women with a mix dark humor and drama that helps expose the truth that things are never as they seem. The show will be back next year , and it airs Sundays on ABC .

Khloe And Lamar Season 1 Episode 2 [TV Show To Watch!]

'Khloe and Lamar' is an American reality television series , produced by Ryan Secrest that airs on E! every Sunday . The show follows the live of Khloe kardashian her hubby Lamar (basketball player) and her bother Rob (Mr Kardashian) The show is the third spin-off of E!'s Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

A Pussycat Dolls For Radio City [Event!]

The former lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger is schedualed to perform on this year Radio City Live Friday June 10th at the ECHO Arena liverpool . Her debut album is doing great in the UK and her single 'Don't Hold Your Breath' is climbing to the top of charts in Europe . So who's excited for this

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smallville Season 10 Episode 17 [Tv Show To Watch!]

The show follows the adventure of superman , this 10th season will be its final season . Smallville airs Fridayson The CW.

Beyonce - Move Your Body : Move To Be Healthy !

Move Your Body to get healthy

Jennifer Lopez - Papi [New Song!]

RedOne did it again , produced one of the hot tracks in the industry right now . 'Papi' the full song is here and its sizzling . The song will follows 'I'm Into You' as official single from her LP 'Love?' out next mounth . The song will be the next number one of JLo again , sure of it . Can't wait for the video .

Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect [Video Premiere!]

Be sur to check this video cuz it's one of the best right now .

Wynter Gordon - Til Death [New Song!]

After the huge success of 'Dirty Talk' (one of the best dance track this past year) , Wynter Gordon , better known by her vocals on Sugar's Flo-Rida , is back with a new song (Til Death' from her upcoming debut album 'With Music I Die' out later this year . This 2nd single is good but still not in the same level as 'Dirty Talk' . Can't wait to listen to her album when it comes .

Press play to listen to the next hit of Ms Gordon

Lady GaGa - Born This Way [Album Cover!]

Friday, April 15, 2011

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Dance Version) [Video Premiere!]

Nikta Season 1 Episode 18 [TV Show To Watch!]

The show is a action drama about an ex spie want to make new decision in her life , airs every Thursday on the CW

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 18 [TV Show To Watch!]

'The Vampire Diaries' is a teen drama airs every thursday on CW .

The Dance Scene Season 1 Episode 1 [Reality Show To Watch!]

The Dance Scene is a new reality show on E! , executive produced by Ryan Secrest . The show follow up the lives of the mega-choreographer Laurieann Gibson (Diddy , Lady GaGa , Danity Kane ...etc)

Natalia Kills - Mirrors [Live Performance!]

France are you ready for Natalia Kills . The singer start her promo of her 'Perfectionist' debut album out already in Germany and soon everywhere . Natalia performed her hit 'Mirrors' acoustic , just an amazing voice . so get grab your copy of her single .

Abduction [Movie Trailer!]

Taylor Lautner is back with some action , the teen actor is starring in a new action movie 'Abduction' out September 23rd 2011 , So who' excited .

Monte Carlo [Movie Trailer!]

The movie starring Selena Gomez (Wizards Of Waverly Place) , Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and Katie Cassidy (Melrose Place 2.0) . The movie in theater this July .

Blue - I Can [Video Premiere!]

The UK group Blue is back after years with 'I Can' , song compiting this year in the Eurovision 2011 song contest . The song is from the upcoming album out later this year , and song is gonna be in stores May 1st . The song is not that bad , the video in the other hand isn't is simple . So check it out

Rihanna - California King Bed [Live On American Idol]

The Barbados singer performed yesterday on American Idol her amazing ballad 'California King Bed' . So this makes it official , her next single from her 'Loud' is 'California King Bed' . Rihanna did a great job on this performance great vocals which is surprising . Check it out

Inna The 'Club Rocker' [Snippet!]

The Romanian hottie is back with new music and sound . Her new song 'I'm The Club Rocker' leaked , and its really great . She worked with her producers Play & Win . A video will be out soon (i think it's already shooted) and for more information go to .

Click HERE to listen to the snippet .

Lady Gaga - Judas [Snippet!]

Lady GaGa's new song is here , leaked just moments ago . This song is better than her 'Born This Way' , but not great as her previous work . The song will be included in her upcoming album out next mounth . so who's excited for this ?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - Papi [Snippet!]

The J-Lo mania isnt quit over , the latino singer is back with a HOT track 'Papi produced by the Moroccan/Gaga's producer RedOne . The song is on her upcoming album 'Love?' out next mouth . The songs is not as good as 'On The Floor' but it's catchy and better than her Lil Wayne duet 'Im Into You' . 'Papi' is set to be the 3rd single of her anticipated album .

In other news , the singer just finished shooting her new video 'I'm Into You' featuring Lil Wayne , a hot video that can make the song jump to the top of the charts . Click HERE to see behind the scene .

Press Play to listen to the next J Lo Hit :

Happy Ending Season 1 Episode 1 , 2 [TV Show To Watch!]

Episode 1

Episode 2

'Happy Ending' is an American television series for the ABC Network . The comedy show stars Zaxhary Knighton (Dave) , and Filisha Cuthbert (Alex) . The serie premiered yesterday April 13 on ABC .

Better With You Season 1 Episode 17 [TV Show To Watch!]

'Better With You' its a half-hour comedy american romantic sitcom starring Joanna Garcia (Priviliged) and Jennifer Finnigan (Committed) . The show airs every Wedenesday On ABC . No news if its gonna be back with a new season but let's hope so .

Beyonce - Girls (Rule The World) [Snippet!]

While Rihanna think she the only girl in the world asking for her name , and GaGa obsessed by how she's born , Beyonce was planning to Rule the world with her 'Girls' . The anticipated song of the year is finnally here . The song will be included in Bee's upcoming album out this June . Check it out the snippet for this future Hit .

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Khloe & Lamar [Reality Show To Watch!]

Season 1 Episode 1 : The Father In Law

Khloé & Lamar is an American reality television series, produced by Ryan Seacrest, that will debut on E! in the United States and Canada on April 10, 2011 .The show is the third spin-off of the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Jennifer Lopez - Love? [Deluxe Edition Tracklist!]

Tracklist :
1. On The Floor (Featuring Pitbull)
2. Good Hit
3. I’m Into You (Featuring Lil Wayne)
4. (What Is) LOVE?
5. Run The World
6. Papi
7. Until It Beats No More
8. One Love
9. Invading My Mind
10. Villain
11. Starting Over
12. Hypnotico
13. Everybody’s Girl
14. Charged Me Up
15. Take Care
16. On The Floor (Ven a Bailar) [Featuring Pitbull]

Jane By Design For ABC Family

ABC Family added to the line-up a new show 'Jane By Design' in addition to 'Switched By Birth' (premiere June 6th) , 'The Lying Game' (premiere August 15th) , 'The Nine Lives Of Chloe King' (premiere June 14th) and Raven-Symone new project 'State Of Georgia' (premiere June 29th) .

'Jane By Designe' is a light-hearted one-hour scripted drama that follows Jane , a teenager who lands a job at a hip retail company when they mistake her for an adult . Jane soon finds herself juggling life both as a regular high school student and as an assistant to a high powered excecutive in the cutthroat world of fashion , all while trying to keep her true identity a secret . The show will be in aires early 2012 .

So is that mean that some show will be cancelled ??? 'The Secret Life Of The American Teenager' anybody ???!!!!

Lady GaGa - Born This Way [Bollywood Remix!]

click HERE to listen

After the country remix out just weeks ago , the 'Monster' singer is back with a new remix of her 'Born This Way' , and yes its a bollywood remix . I actually like this version better than the original which i hate . CSo what do you think a HOT or FLOP ?

Natalia Kills - Wonderland [Video Premiere!]

Click HERE to watch the video

Here the premiere of Natalia Kills 3rd single 'Wonderland' from her amazing album 'Perfectionist' . Brilliant director and talented singer make the video one of the best one this year . The song is already out in Germany , soon in the rest of the world .

First Look @ Beyonce's New Video!

The video is called 'Girls' which will drop soon than we think . The singer upcoming album is coming out this summer in June . Hopefully she will perform @ the comeback Billboard Music Awards May 22nd or the 2011 BET Awards .

Episode 5 : Deadliest Crotch

The show is a a half-hour comedy orbits the life of RJ Berger an unpopular teenager . The show airs on MTV every Tuesday at 8/9c .

All About Aubrey [Reality Show To Watch!]

Episode 5 : Goodbye Heartbreak Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.
Episode 6 : Show Stoppin' Solo Part 1/Part 2/Part3 (Season Finale)

The ex-DK member Aubrey O'Day is back to her 'roots' in 2011 with a brand new reality show on Oxygen . The show follow the star in her private life battling with the gossip , the weight battle , the music industry , her family drama ... In the show Aubrey is doing her best to comeback to the music scene recording new materials to get her record deal , you get to see also Audrea (from DK) and she called Diddy after he fired her on national television 3 years ago . The show helped Aubrey to get connected with her fans and sign her record deal as a solo artist .Her debut solo single 'Automatic' is now on iTunes climbing to the top , its already top 20 now , so go and support Aubrey . If you were a fan of MTV's Making The Band , this show is made for you .

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 20 [Episode To Watch!]

The Good Wife is an American legal drama that premiered on CBS on September 22, 2009. The series stars Julianna Margulies (ER), Christine Baranski, Archie Panjabi, and Josh Charles. The show is aires every Tuesday on CBS .

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simon Curtis - RΔ [Album Sample]

Simon Curtis is back , after the net buzz of his debut album , with new music which will drop soon nothin is confirmed yet . After listening to the sample i really excited about this project , its seems amazing , i didnt believe that he would do something amazing as 'Delusional' but he succeeded . Hope he will be signed soon to see him take over the world with the new sound . Check HERE for a neak peek .

Here is the tracklist (not confirmed yet) :
1. Chip In Your Head
2. Soul 4 Sale
3. Get In Line
4. Don't Dance
5. Enemy
6. Pit Of Vipers
7. Laser Guns Up

Britney Spears Ft. Rihanna - S&M [Official Remix!]

The mega superstar Britney Spears joined the 'Loud' singer Rihanna for the remix of the worldwide hit 'S&M' . The song debuted on radios Monday morning and made the buzz all over the world , it seems that the world is not over 'S&M' . Britney's voice isnt that charming in the song , its like if she has the flue or someting but with the promo and all its for sure a HIT worldwide . Check HERE to listen

Mad Love Season 1 Episode 8

Four thirtysomething New Yorkers – Kate, Connie, Larry, and Ben – are searching for love in the city. When Kate and Ben meet and fall for each other, their friends remain cynical about the relationship.

Make It Or Break It Season 2 Episode 13

Make It Or Break It
is an ABC Family drama. It is set in Boulder, Colorado. It is about the sport of gymnastics, where elite gymnasts try to make it to the 2012 Summer Olympics while trying to follow the rules.

Aubrey O'Day - Automatic [New Single!]

Ex-Danity Kane is back with her debut solo single 'Automatic' , an amazing Hot dance track . The song debut in the 22nd place on Itunes Pop Charts . The song will be featured on her debut album due later this year . The song was also the intro of her own reality show 'All About Aubrey' which she said that 'no plan for another season unless the fan really really want it' . Aubrey we Want ANOTHER SEASON . CLICK HERE to listen to the song

Hey everyone , this is my blog and i hope ur gonna like it guys .... So Here we go again in a new journey full of Music , spread the words